Thursday, 10 November 2011

Easter Egg in Burp Suite 1.4.01

After an impromptu iMessage from a hacking bud (poojinky), just as I was closing up burp for the day after an epic web app test; my day was made a bit more amusing. There may be more, but there is at least one amusing hidden 'feature' in Burp that will give you a chuckle. So, I'll get straight to it...

1. Start up Burp and point the browser you're using it with to any site.
2. Right-click the target IP or URL in 'Target > Site Map' and select 'Simulate manual testing' (my favourite feature I must say, after Intruder).
3. With the manual testing simulator open, click on the window to focus on it.
4. Type 'burp' (without the ''s).
5. LOL.

Props to Dafydd for being a funny guy.

(I would take screenshots for the less familiar, but it would give it away!)

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